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Kwakuhle Hygiene sell the most advanced air fresheners commercially available. Patented Microtrans technology ensures that these air fresheners actually eliminate odours, and not merely mask them. Our Microburst Aerosol Air Fresheners are extremely effective, as you walk into a toilet or office treated with them you can immediately smell that Microtrans is actively at work! We only use designer fragrances in our aerosol air fresheners, and these fragrance oils originate in the most exclusive French perfume houses. Our aerosol air fresheners also serve the important task of being Air Sanitizers which have a purifying effect on the air you breathe. All aerosol refills have an incredibly high perfume loading, which means the perfume lingers in the air between automatic sprays of the dispenser, giving a continuous air treatment program.

All dispensers have the option of having a separate Anti-Theft Safety Bracket fitted. This makes the dispenser extremely effective against common vandalism, and theft. Having a vandal resistant air freshener is extremely useful in public toilets and high traffic toilets where theft is prevalent.

The Microburst aerosol perfume dispensers are also interchangeable with X-Bac anti-tobacco refills. These are ideal for helping to eliminate tobacco odours in smoking rooms, restaurants and coffee shops etc.

Another substitute aerosol refill is the Insecticide refill. Amazingly effective against flies and mosquitos, you can set the unit when to start spraying, and when to turn off. You can also choose if you want the refill to last for 30, 60 or 90 days. Fantastic for houses, game lodges, or wherever effective pest control is a must.

- advanced microchip controls adjustable spray cycle
- lockable unit.
- manufactured from vandal and stain-resistant    polypropylene                                               
- Available with Anti-theft and Anti-vandal brackets
- high perfume loading for ‘lingering’ effect
- patented Microtrans actually eliminates and not merely    masks odours

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