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What is a Sanitary Bin?

We stock a complete range of Sanibins available for all washrooms. The sanitary pads are then disposed of into sanitary bins situated in the ladies toilets. The sanitary waste in the She-Bins is then collected on various service cycles as per the sanitary disposal requirements of the client. The sanitary waste is then taken for incineration or landfill. All Sanibin disposal records for the Sanibin refuse are backed up by official waste disposal certificates. Most importantly our She-Bins are safe, hygienic and unobtrusive. We have a full range of stainless steel sanitary bins backed by our quality sanitary hygiene services. A Sanibin is an essential requirement for feminine sanitary hygiene services.

What is a Hand Dryer?

We stock a complete range of hand dryers to dry your hands and hair (in the case of gyms). Our stainless steel hand driers are high power and have a hand drying time of less than 15 seconds. We also stock a full range of anti-vandal hand dryers. These hand driers are completely vandal resistant.

We also have a full range of ABS plastic hand dryers. These electronic hand driers are cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. The hand dryers are made from high-impact ABS plastic.

All hand dryers are infra red operated, with automatic cut off switches. This makes our hand dryers some of the most cost effective hand driers and reliable hand driers commercially available.

All our hand dryers have smart infra-red technology for added cost saving and durability. All hand dryers automatically turn off when you move your hands away and after a pre-programmed time thereby saving electricity and prolonging operation life. Due to cutting edge design all of our hand dryers are extremely energy efficient yet you experience the minimal amount of hand drying time.

What is a Soap Dispenser?

In numerous studies it has been proven that our hands are arguably the highest source of germ and bacteria cross-contamination in the work environment. Washing your hands regularly prevents this. We have soap dispensers available in brushed satin stainless steel. These soap dispensers are vandal resistant and are extremely cost effective. We also have a full range of high impact ABS soap dispensers. All our soap dispensers are available with either lockable or non lockable options. We have top up or refill liquid soap dispensers as options. We also stock the full range of Kimberly-Clark soap dispensers. Having soap dispensers placed at all basins in all washrooms for hand washing helps maintain a healthy work environment, and this means less absenteeism through sick people spreading germs and disease throughout the workplace. Soap Dispensers when used often and correctly will mean higher productivity in your work environment.

What is a Foam Soap Dispenser?

We also stock foam soap dispensers. These luxury foam soap dispensers are available in either stainless steel or high impact ABS plastic finish. They have a delightful lingering perfume scent to the soap, and have a wonderful moisturizing effect on your skin. Foam soap dispensers are the most cost effective of all soap dispensers as the user is only able to use smaller amounts of foam soap per hand wash due to the spreading foam action of the foam soap, as opposed to normal liquid soap. We also stock a range of antibacterial soap dispensers. Refill options include pink soap, white lanolin soap, blue moisturizing soap, as well as green anti-bacterial soap.  

What is an Elbow Dispenser?

We have a complete range of elbow dispensers. These elbow soap dispensers are ideal for hospitals and doctor’s rooms or wherever strict surgical standards need to be adhered to.

What is an Air Freshener?

We stock automatic air fresheners to suit any requirement. Our Microburst Air Fresheners also serve as air sanitizers. The air sanitizer function is an extremely important in all hygiene applications. Patented Microtrans technology actually eliminates bad odours. Many aerosol air fresheners merely serve only to mask odors. The Microburst Air Fresheners actually helps to eliminate bad odours, and serve as air sanitizers. You can immediately smell an area which has been treated with our air freshener.  We use only designer fragrance perfume oil in our aerosol dispensers, and our aerosol refills have the highest perfume loading on the market which means there is a powerful lingering effect after each automatic spray which easily lasts in the air until the next spray. All aerosol dispensers are available with anti-theft brackets and anti-vandal safety brackets.

What is a Toilet Seat Wipe?

We stock a full range of toilet seat wipes. These seat wipes are used to wipe and completely sanitize the toilet seat. They are effective in killing nearly 100% of all toilet seat bacteria. The seatwipe dispenser contains viscose refills, the alcohol based wipes are then pulled out of the Saniwipe dispenser, and the toilet is wiped clean with the alcohol wipe thereby eliminating bacteria. The Saniwipes have a lovely clean smelling lemon scent. Saniwipes are an essential hygiene requirement.

What is a Foam Toilet Seat Cleaner?

Our foam seat sanitizer is ideal for completely sanitizing toilet seats where there are concerns about plumbing blockages occurring. One sprays the foam seat sanitizer onto a piece of toilet paper and then wipes the toilet seat clean. The toilet paper is then flushed away as normal. This foam seat sanitizer is extremely cost effective. There is hardly any wastage and because the foam is alcohol based it evaporates within a few seconds after serving a powerful sanitizing anti-bacterial effect. A foam seat spray is a far more economical approach than conventional liquid antibacterial toilet seat sanitizers.

What is a Toilet and Urinal Sanitizer?

SABS approved chemical is dispensed into the toilets and urinals on every single flush. This results in toilets and urinals that are nearly 100% free from bacteria, germs and bad odours. This system is completely unique in the marketplace in that on each and every single flush visible blue liquid is dispensed. No batteries are required, and there are no moving parts to go wrong. This sanitizer is arguably the most effective urinal and toilet sanitizer on the market.

What is a Hand Towel Dispenser? (as opposed to linen and towel dispensers?)

We stock a full range of Reflex Hand Drying Dispensers. The Reflex Hand Towel Dispensers are amoungst the most cost effective paper hand drying systems on the market. Reflex paper 1 ply and Reflex 2 ply paper is inserted into the dispensers. These Reflex Towel Dispensers are also compatible with all Nampak paper products.

Also available are standard Multifold Dispensers. These Multifold hand drying systems take the standard folded towel 1ply and 2ply paper. They are also compatible with the equivalent Nampak paper products.

These paper dispensers are preferred by us above linen towel cabinets. In our opinion we believe that through research conducted in the past and information available on the internet it has been shown that paper dispensers are more hygienic than ordinary linen and towel dispensers.

What is a Toilet Roll Holder?

We have a complete range of toilet roll holders available for every application. These toilet roll dispensers are available as stainless steel toilet roll holders. The toilet roll holders are available in vandal resistant options. Every single toilet roll holder has the tried and tested cam lock system which provides years of trouble free operation. The stainless steel toilet roll holder dispensers are available in brushed satin finish and are aesthetically pleasing.

We also stock a complete range of cost effective white powder coated toilet roll holders. These toilet roll holders are also available in anti vandal option.

All toilet roll holders are available in TR2, TR3 or TR5 toilet roll capacity, and are able to take the Kimberly-Clark double rolls, which effectively double the capacity of your toilet roll holder, thereby halving maintenance and refilling time required by cleaners and office staff. All toilet roll dispensers are available in colour coded option.

What is an Ozone Generator?

We stock a complete range of ozone generators. Our ozone generators are available with either Corona discharge or UV light generators. Our Ozonators are aesthetically pleasing and are extremely reliable. Ozonators can be used in toilets, smoking rooms, and restaurants. Ozone machines are amoungst the most powerful oxidizers and purifiers available today. Ozone machines have also been used with massive success in an extremely wide variety of applications.

What is an AutoFlush?

Auto Flush dispensers are available as a bolt on option to existing flushmasters for urinals. In past studies it has been shown that most men do not flush urinals after using them. This is a massive cause of bad odours in urinals, and the installation of an AutoFlush Dispenser on the urinal ensures that the urinal is flushed, only when used, throughout the day. The AutoFlush uses advanced infra red technology to determine when to flush. The Auto Flush works in conjunction with the urinal flushmaster thereby totally eliminating bad odour problems. Auto Flush Dispensers help prevent sewer gas from escaping, and include a “courtesy flush” button. The Autoflush also has a built in “daily flush” function which prevents sewer gas escaping from unused urinals.

What is a Deep Clean?

Deep Cleaning is one of the most important washroom hygiene functions that companies can provide. A healthy work environment means less absenteeism through sick people spreading germs and disease throughout the workplace. Gone are the days of the old mop and bucket approach to Chemical Deep Cleaning so commonly used in the sanitary hygiene industry. Instead we employ cutting edge Deep Cleaning techniques such as commercial high pressure steam cleaners which penetrate every millimetre of area being treated with astounding results. A manual Deep Cleaning approach as currently seen in the industry can simply not achieve our new technology results. Where necessary we employ intensive heavy duty deep cleaning chemicals which rid your premises of the toughest dirt and stains with consummate ease. Regular and efficient deep cleaning ensures a healthy and productive environment which in turn ensures the productivity of all staff which is critical to the survival of any business.

What are Washroom and Office Consumables?

Hand Soaps

We offer a complete range of hand soaps for all makes of soap dispensers. We stock pink soaps, white lanolin moisturizing soaps and blue fragranced lanolin moisturizing soaps for all makes of soap dispensers. We also stock antibacterial soap for elbow scrub soap dispensers. It is important to stock good quality hand soap for your soap dispenser because it is well known within the industry that some less ethical suppliers load salt into their soap to give a thicker feel to the soap. Not only is this very bad for your skin in that it completely dries out your skin, but soap dispensers have endless problems with nozzles blocking and leaking, which costs your enterprise unnecessary money at the end of the day. We also sell foam soap dispenser refills in cost effective 5L form.

Toilet Rolls

We stock a complete range of 1ply and 2ply toilet papers. These include top of the range Kimberly-Clark toilet papers which can also be used in the Nampak toilet roll holder dispensers. We also stock an extremely cost effective range of recycled toilet paper.

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